NAPIA’s primary goal is educational – to help its members stay well informed about factors and trends that affect petroleum investments so that investors in petroleum and related industries can make sound investment decisions based on the most current information and first hand knowledge. NAPIA achieves this primary goal mainly by organizing, sponsoring, and joining with strategic partners for events, presentations, webcasts, field trips, and/or educational seminars, on topics, and in places of the world, of current and prospective industry interest. NAPIA provides its members with subscriptions to Oil & Gas Financial Journal, the official publication of NAPIA, Oil & Gas Investor, Midstream Business, Unconventional Oil & Gas, American Oil & Gas Reporter, and other leading industry publications. NAPIA Members are invited to attend numerous energy related forums and presentations sponsored by allied organizations, either at no cost, or at the member rate of our affiliated alliances. NAPIA offers its Members web seminars, important energy papers, and subscriptions to key energy publications, all included with NAPIA Membership. NAPIA provides its Members with an annual Directory of the NAPIA Membership, the ‘who’s who’ in petroleum investment. NAPIA encourages an active interchange of ideas and information between analysts, petroleum industry corporate management, investor relations executives, consultants, and other industry experts.

Membership value greatly exceeds its modest cost.